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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My long holiday.

I'm really looking forward to this movie by the group ChoShinSei or also known as Supernova. It's a Japanese movie. A story about a superstar and a blind girl. Watch the trailer in YouTube if you're interested. Anyway, I'm excited!! Whee~

I just watched this on Saturday. I started laughing from the beginning till the end of this movie, every scene is extremely hilarious! Luckily I wasn't watching this in the cinema, or else people at the back would get so annoyed! I didn't think it would be SO funny, in fact, I didn't even think of watching it in the first place but because, my aunty lent it to me and it had been laying there for such a long time now.... well, I was watching this while eating a bowl of Maggi Mee. I near choke because I was laughing so hard.. LOL. The Proposal is definitely on my Fav Movie list now!
I finished watching Special A. Best anime & the ONLY anime that I finished watching EVERY SINGLE episode (plus, without forwarding) Unfortunately, it's SO short! There's only 22 episodes! Oh~ man. The funniest character is of coz, Tadashi.. haha. I love the close friendship between Special A. It's great they all have a happy ending in the end. Of course, Naruto is still on my top fav anime!

I'm going to KL on 23rd July for my graduation. Such a coincidence that the convo falls on 24th, the day before my birthday! Ha! The expenses for this graduation is really expensive. We have to pay RM150 for the gown. Then, RM90 per seat for the parent. My goodness, what if the student is poor, no way they could afford it! Plus, I wonder if the seat is made of gold?? Or, are they serving lobster to the guest?? I never heard from any school that needs to pay for the parent's seats. Isn't this suppose to be sth organised by the school?? No wonder they say the school is "makan duit". Besides that, to take a portrait, we need to pay another RM400!! Oh my, my cousin from the other school is only paying RM40, with the same quality, same size. Well, I guess, the photo is also made with gold! Anyway, hopefully we'll have a great time there, after all, we PAY SO MUCH.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Final Presentation...

Yes! I'm free now! Hooray~ My final year presentation is over! So happy that it finally ended after all my hard work and sleepless nights.. phew~ So, just to show a "recap" of what I've been through this few weeks..
Ok, so, the first movie that I watched right after my presentation. Thanks to Hiong Hiong for introducing me to this movie! This is the BEST Japanese movie I've watched so far! The best soundtrack as well... Really really love this movie, unfortunately, it's TOO short, just 9 episodes. Oww~ But, I'm sure I'll re-watch it again! The movie is called "Orthros No Inu", about two brothers Ryuzaki Shinji and Aoi Ryosuke. Ryuzaki possesses a "God's Hand", is able to heal any wound or illness just by touching them whereas Aoi has the "Demon's Hand", a power to kill anyone just by touching them. Well, the rest of the movie you should watch it yourself. I really like how the movie goes, you wouldn't know what would happen next, kept you feeling excited all the time. It has a happy ending though.. n_n *Listening to the soundtrack*
Right after I finished Orthros No Inu, it's Taiyou no Uta! Sad movie.. a bit slow.. I like the starting, but the ending was a bit too fast.. Like, she's walking then suddenly, 'boom' she dies, the end. Hmm. The movie was ok lah. Interesting plot, a girl that has a sickness that is not able to see sunlight meets a guy who loves surfing. Different from the typical romance movies.
Argh! I search for this anime for more than 5 years!!(if I'm not mistaken, or more than that) I just can't remember the name but I remember the character and story. I was just watching "Top 10 anime couple" in YouTube and saw this! Wala~ Finally! Ok, I memorized the name, it's "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne"! In the middle of watching this.. again. (since I watched part of it on Tv back when I'm in Form 3/4)
Next, it's "Special A", get to know this anime from "Top 10 anime couple" as well. In the middle of watching this too.. Ok, the video is buffering in Youtube while I'm writing this. Ha! Very nice anime as far as I watched. About the anime, Hikari has always been wanting to win Kei Takishima at anything, from academics to athletics. But she is unaware that Kei actually loves her.
Then, it's "Soul Eater", I just watched Episode 1. So, not sure about the anime. But, so far so good. I love it!Ok, back to my presentation!! These are the packaging that I did.
BLiz Roasted Anchovies in two types of packaging.
Ok, the final presentation.....
I'm the fifth... But what surprises us is that the lecturer didnt follow the order according to the tables on that day, instead she just call up whoever is ready.. I remember I'm the 7th if I'm not wrong..
I was actually late for the presentation. It's 9am but I arrive at 9:10am. Worst, I havent think of how to arrange my table! I was SO SO SO nervous and my friends kept saying, "Hurry, you have 5 minutes before the lecturer arrive", "Quick!", "Why are you late?" ARGHHH!!~ This makes me even nervous!! Then, I remember, I havent prepare my speech!!! Whaaaah!~~
Anyway~ I manage to arrange everything after the first presenter finish his presentation. Phew!~ So, this is how it looks like.
Oops, sorry, the photo's a bit dark. Ah, lazy to brighten it in Photoshop.. Oh! The inner packaging at the top left, the one in white silicon paper with a sticker, yep, that one, can you believe it, I make that 5 minutes before I go to school for the presentation! HA!
So, this is how it looks like from far.. I brought the fishing nets and fish to decorate my booth! My lecturer says it's nice! Yippeee~~ Before I present, I was thinking that maybe no one is here to see, I was so happy because my friends before me only has 4 lecturer(most of them with boring faces) listening to them and no one else, not even other students! Plus, I'm the 7th, so I assume most of them would have left when I present. BUT, to my surprise, when I present, when Rose say "Ok, next, is Fish Bites from Crystal", 'tons and tons' of students just 'swarm in'!! Even those who are not listening, chatting all the while, suddenly stood up start joining in the circle!! Believe me, I look EXACTLY like a street presenter with people surrounding me!! They are SO attentive even the lecturers who doesn't belong to this class also appear out of nowhere!! My goodness, in seconds, I was surrounded by faces whom I haven't seen before and PEOPLE!!! They all look at me, smiling, as if waiting for me to do sth dumb. My legs were shaking, and I totally forgot what I was about to say! Argh~ The noisy hall suddenly became quiet, too quiet!! I just didnt expect this! Ok, I just say whatever I see, different from the speech I memorized fifteen minutes ago! I didn't know what I say, but I heard lots of laughter... well, sth stupid, I guess. Different from other presenter, I even prepare anchovies, peanuts and seaweed for the 'public' to eat, right after I said "you can try them if you want", all of them just forgot that I'm still presenting, but going straight to the bowl, so the rest of my speech just ended with a soft whisper, "That's all from me". The lecturers didnt comment much on my work(because they're busy discussing about the ikan bilis I prepare.) Well, I guess that the food really helps me in getting better grades.
Wow, I remember the moment I step into that room and saw Wei Ni's booth, I nearly fainted because her arrangement was SO nice.. I was so regret for choosing the place beside her. Urgh.. Thanks goodness that I brought the fishing net along! Ha~ I believe both of us did well for this presentation. Hopefully...
Neh, Wei Ni's work.. Walao~ She even brought the tree trunk! VERY nice, hoh?
Dominic's clay cottage.
Ah Hui's and Khoo Sin's..
Little Crunch's Mini Springroll.
Fruity Poprice from Khoo Sin.
Angel's 'ladies smoking company'.
Arsita's art gallery.
Dominic's booth....
Benjamin's Studio B photo engraving shop.
Lily's candy products...

Finally ended... I still can't believe we finish our diploma..
I believe we won't be seeing each other again...friends. So sad, we need to move on to our own lives now.. our own future.. Thanks for the last reunion, I had a great time with you guys. To my BEST BEST FRIENDS(Ah Hui, Khoo Sin, Wei Ni, Teck Leong, Hiong Hiong, Sabrina, Ah Seng, Jimmy, Lily and etc.) in LKW, may GOD bless you all and hope that one day we'll meet again. Last but not least, thanks for all the times and laughters we spend together. I remember you guys FOREVER! 谢谢你们在我的人生中留下美好的回忆⋯⋯

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I went to Muara Tebas and Kampung Goebilt last Saturday for my research on ikan bilis.. Unfortunately, I can't find any.. Hmm. So disappointed. Above are some of the photos that I took.
I'm so glad the internet's back! Yahoo~ The internet broke down for about 5 days. I think as if I'm living in a really really rural area... My goodness, how did I manage to survived? Worst, all my food in Cafeworld turn rotten. Urgh.
My mum were just planning where to go for vacation.. We decided to go to the Expo 2010 Shanghai in September. It's a 10 days tour to Shanghai, with 3 days to the Expo. But, we are still considering it because I read lots of reviews saying that most of the time is waiting.... about 2-4 hours waiting, just to go into ONE of the pavilions. My goodness, I hope we WILL BE ABLE to see more than 3 pavilions in those 3 days, if we're going.. Hmm.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Very interesting food.

Today went to a shop in MJC.. Forgot the name... something to do with Bak Kut Teh...
Dry Bak Kut Teh... Have you heard of?? Well, Bak Kut Teh is always with a bit of sup, right? If not, they wouldn't have call it "Bak Kut TEH" leh. Ok, back to the food, I think it's very nice, but might be a bit too salty and too little. There's 4 fish balls, 2 pieces of meat inside with 4 finger-lady. The rice is about 200 biji nasi sahaja.... So little that you can finish eating in 3 gulps. The clay pot is just the size of my palm. Besides that, it's also VERYYY EXPENSIVE leh! RM8.50+RM1 for the rice!! *shaking my head* Expensive hoh?
HAhahaha... This one is REALLY funny. My mum order this.. It's Black Vinegar Clay Pork or something like that lah.. Isn't vinegar suppose to be sour? But, this taste REALLY sweet, till you'll get diabetes! Believe me, it's really sweet. My goodness, can you imagine the taste of Pork with sugar and nothing else or let's say, a bowl of "sugar drink"? Yuck. But, the meat is quite tender lah. Ha, my mum say she'll never go there again.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A simple gathering that became a "LOVE" talk.

I went out with my friend last night. We went to Kado, in Kuching. A very special Cafe, well, not to say a Cafe lah.. ah, hard to explain. Anyway, we went there, the 5 of us, Sie Yu, Hancy, Han Yuan, and Sze Wei(a VERY long-time-no-see primary school friend) Well, we sat down & talk & talk. From 7pm till...... 10pm.
This is one of the seat inside. There's different 'themes' for different seats.. A lovely place for gathering, especially. Though the food are quite expensive. (but my generous friend still treat us, haha.)
My friend's. Something like a Chicken Chop or something. She said the food VERY nice. I dunno. But SHOULD be.. since it's SO expensive leh.
French fries and burger. Looks nice. n_n
Mine. Don't know what to order since it's my first time there. So, my friend recommend "Lavender Milk Tea with zheng zhu(pearl)". I think the pearl is TOO MUCH. I would say you eat it rather than you drink this thing. & I think I ate a lot of lavender petals. The drinks is ok ok lah. I still prefer chocolate.

So, well, we talk a lot about our studies(little), what are we doing now, how we've been in these 3 years... I realised a lot has changed.. Some of my friends got married, even became a mum of a 2yr old son! What a surprise! I'm really shocked. Am I getting old??

Well, my friend talks a lot about 'L-O-V-E' which is a no-no topic for me. They have at least once relationship before so it's interesting for them, but to me, I love to stay single, so I was just sitting there, listening...

Then, suddenly, they turn over and asked, "Hmm, how about you?"
"Urgh.." I was thinking oh oh. But then, I thought, what's wrong being single?
& I said, "Well, it doesn't matter to me since I plan to work hard and buy a place in a 'luxury' old folks home & stay there. That's what I plan."
"No way, I don't believe it. You must have at least 'dream' for a boyfriend, right?"
Yes, I admit I do, sometimes. BUT BUT BUT, I STILL PREFER SINGLE. I love being alone. I love reading, under a tree with a cup of coffee, u know, those kind of things 'nerds' do. I AM SINGLE. I LOVE SINGLE. I WANT TO BE SINGLE!
Well, it's hard to convince my friend since he's kinda "LOVE expert". From his countless experience of love relationship. Hmm.
Well, the lines goes on with that.... why women love bad guys... blah blah blah... then to, why do women think this and that way, turning here and there... to, why women loves to hear lies...

Urgh... I think we HAVE really grown-up. No longer talking about studies, complaining about teachers in school.. calling each teacher with funny names..

Topics have change to love, career, when are you getting married?, money..

Sigh. I miss those days when we still wear those blue and white uniforms, staying in the library the whole day... those memories are SO SO sweet!

My mum was just asking, comparing between LimKokWing friends and secondary school friends, which do you prefer? I would say, "Secondary School Friends" Becoz we see each other, eat together for nearly 5 years, everyday except Saturday and Sunday of coz! Unlike LKW friends, I dont even have lunch with them before! Not to say they are not good, of coz, there are SOME really good friends, but most of the time we just talk about, "Is the presentation next week?" or "Have you done your Assignment 2?", you know.. I can't even pronounce their full name even though I already be with them for more than 2 years.

Anyway, I was just depressed over these weeks because I wonder whether I have friends. I feel so alone. Too lonely... Luckily, they asked me to go out. It was really fun going out with these bunch of friend, making me feel so 'content'.. as if I'm normal who has a life. If you know what I'm saying.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A long post.. have a cup of coffee to relax.

Ok, some updates.. I found a very nice Chinese movie. Not sure if you heard of, but highly recommend you to watch. Especially if you like those kungfu martial arts movies! I personally love it. The most interesting part is that the actors REALLY know kungfu, actually its Wushu. They didn't use stuntmen, that's why I think it's cool! It's directed by the well-known actor Jackie Chan. the plot is ok, unfortunately, I still think the fighting part is too little. Hopefully they will have a sequel for this, that'll be nice! ^^

This is for the Creative Art Club. We are doing greeting cards this week. Again, I'm the only one doing it. I'm doing a 'Mother's Day' card since it's Mother's day.
The back. it became like this because I accidently cut the design. So, had to come up with another idea.

Well, I didn't write the poem. I copy it from a website. I gave it to my mum..before I hand-in. HA!
My packaging design for this Sem. It's Anchovies Snack. This is just a mock up, as you see, it's black & white. Sigh... Spend a lot of money on this project.. Ah... My heart is bleeding leh..

BLiz Honey Anchovies with Peanuts. The design of this packaging is a boat. Mr Bas Sekolah says it looks like Fish & Chips's packaging. What?.. Do they have this kind of packaging?? O_O"

This is BLiz Roasted Anchovies with Peanuts. Later, I post more photos of my packaging in color.

My Typography accordion fold. I chose 7 wonders as my theme. The background color actually shows the color of 'a day'. I want to make it looks as if the bus tour around the 7 wonders happen in a day. From the first page, it shows evening, then, sunrise, hot afternoon, moving to the evening again and slowly ended in the night.
Cover page.
Yeah, the bus is going on a tour around the 7 wonders! First stop is Colosseum..
Next, the well known screen saver, Stonehenge^^.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa & Pyramid. I know I know! Wrong spelling! I spelled it in Bahasa Malaysia. Forgot to change it. Oops~
Pyramid. Ooh, hot! Moving on to a cooler place... China!
The Great Wall of China.... & also Christ the Redeemer..
Finally, the trip ends in India's famous Taj Mahal.
Back Cover. Without the sides.
Taking picture of it. Had to stand on a chair!


James Bond by Ah Hui.

Nice hoh?..

Ok, some delicious food before I end this post...

Chicago 7. I like the mashed potatoes, very nice. The salad is TOO 'WET'! Too little..

Wilson's Bakery. RM25. Fresh Cream, chocolate filling with strawberry icing. Ok, nice.

Well, I pass by & saw this. Looks familiar.... Ah, I did the signboard!! So happy to find my design's been used!!